Why or When Should you Survey Land?

In general, a survey should be made before purchasing real property, when dividing any parcel of land for sale or when adjusting existing parcel boundaries (in conformance with state laws and local ordinances), and prior to the construction of any improvements on the property in which you have an interest.

Surveyors use electronic distance and angle measuring equipment, as well as the traditional transit and tape. Modern computer systems aid in efficiently gathering measurements and in evaluating all collected evidence required to perform the survey. The Land Surveyor takes pride in being able to use these instruments and computers to perform land surveys efficiently, accurately, and cost-effectively.

What will a Land Surveyor do for me?

Question: Will a Land Surveyor tell me what I own?
Answer: No. It is your responsibility to furnish the Surveyor with a legal description, current title report, or policy concerning the parcel that you want to be surveyed. The Surveyor will then locate the property on the ground, marking the corners with physical monuments, and provide you with a record of the survey map showing the results of the survey. The Surveyor will also disclose the areas that are in conflict so that the title company and/or attorney can resolve any problems.

Question: Will I be shown if there are any encroachments on the property?
Answer: Yes, if you instruct the Land Surveyor to show encroachments in the area of concern to you.

Question: Will I be shown if there are any easements on my property?
Answer: Yes, if you instruct the Surveyor to do so, and provide a current title report or title policy to use for this purpose. The Surveyor will supply a map, plat, or exhibit showing this information.

Question: How will I be shown what has been surveyed?
Answer: Corners of the property will be marked with steel pins or other such monuments with the Professional Land Surveyor’s license number indicated thereon. The corners on the parcel will be pointed out to you if requested. A map of the survey will be filed when these monuments are set, indicating dimensions of property lines, monuments, and other relative data as required by Oregon State Law, the client, or others.

Question: Should I explain why I want a survey made?
Answer: Yes. If the Surveyor knows why you want a survey, the Surveyor can recommend the type of survey you need, and how much detail should be shown on the map, plat, or exhibit.

Question: Why are there conflicting boundary and easement lines?
Answer: It is often true that boundary/easement line disputes, gaps, and overlaps are a result of legal descriptions that were originally written and recorded without the benefit of the services of a competent Land Surveyor. It is important to have these lines properly described and surveyed, if necessary when property or easement lines are created or changed. Any newly created or adjusted boundary line requires processing through the local governmental agency as required by Oregon State Law and local ordinance.