Are you Looking for a Land Surveyor or Land Surveying in Portland, OR?


If you live in Portland or East Portland OR and you need to find a land surveyor or want information about land surveying you should give us a call. We can help you understand the basics of land surveying. People often ask us questions about how to do land surveying, how to get a land survey, how to get land surveyed, or how to get a property survey. Many times they need to know how to read a land survey, or how to survey a property.

Land surveying companies & land surveying firms provide land survey services to help you find your land boundary lines, or property boundaries.


Griffin Land Surveying has over 25 years of survey experience in communities like Portland or East Portland, OR.



Why or when would someone in Portland or East Portland, OR need to contact a area survey company?

People should know where their property boundary lines are, and have a knowledge about the land they are about to purchase before they finalize a purchase of the property.


The list below may give you some more ideas about why and when you would benefit from a Land Survey.

  • If you are buying land in Portland or East Portland, OR and you do not clearly know where the property line is.
  • If you are selling land in Portland or East Portland, OR and you do not clearly know where the property line is on the ground.
  • When land in Portland or East Portland, OR is not clearly defined by a plat, legal description, or older Land Survey.
  • When you cannot be certain of the location of your property corners.
  • When building in Portland or East Portland, OR, Land Surveying often is used to determine drainage, setbacks, and proper land development planning.
  • Before land is divided.
  • When a lending institution requires a survey for a mortgage.
  • Before building a fence, out building, shed, or anything close to an unknown property line.
  • Before timber or trees are going to be cut near a property line.
  • When purchasing title insurance.
  • Whenever a boundary line or corner in  Portland, OR is unknown or in disagreement.
  • To settle a boundary dispute of some type.
  • When you think you might have an encroachment on your land in Portland or East Portland, OR.
  • When clearing or doing construction in “wetland” areas in the jurisdiction of the Corps of Engineers.
  • Before developing property.


Professional Land Surveyor

If an Attorney, Bank or title insurance agent requires that a Professional Land Survey be completed to clear up any ambiguous land description in Portland or East Portland, OR, or verify the location of structures on the property so that the lending institution can agree to finalize a loan, give Griffin Land Surveying a call for the professional survey work you need in Portland or East Portland, OR.