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The list below may give you some more ideas about why and when you would benefit from Griffin Land Survey.

  • If you are buying land and you do not clearly know where the property line is.
  • If you are selling land and you do not clearly know where the property line is on the ground.
  • When land is not clearly defined by a plat, legal description, or older Land Survey.
  • When you cannot be certain of the location of your property corners.
  • When building, Land Surveying often is used to determine drainage, setbacks, and proper land development planning.
  • Before land is divided.
  • When a lending institution requires a survey for a mortgage.
  • Before building a fence, outbuilding, shed, or anything close to an unknown property line.
  • Before timber or trees are going to be cut near a property line.
  • When purchasing title insurance.
  • Whenever a boundary line or corner is unknown or in disagreement.
  • To settle a boundary dispute of some type.
  • When you think you might have an encroachment on your land.
  • When clearing or doing construction in “wetland” areas in the jurisdiction of the Corps of Engineers.
  • Before developing a property.

If an Attorney, Bank or title insurance agent requires that a Professional Land Survey be completed to clear up any ambiguous land description or verify the location of structures on the property so that the lending institution can agree to finalize a loan, give Griffin Land Surveying a call for the professional survey work you need.